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Acute Dose – Artist of the month

A post by Eastaste Eastaste on August 2, 2017

How did your band come to being?

David and Jacob started play music just for fun and they made a first album based on their friendship. Then they moved to the Brno and met Lukas & Jean. Made second album.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

It’s like a fountain of ideas and you can wash your face with it.

If you could decide to put your own track in any film ever made or yet to be made, what film/track would it be?

It could be track “Ruido” for the Jodorowsky’s masterpiece Holy Mountain.

Acute Dose
Ruido by Acute Dose
RuidoAcute DoseCzech Republic0:56

What movie would you liked to have soundtracked and why?

Buffalo 66 by Vincent Gallo, cause vibe of this movie is very close to our feelings.

When you were 13 you listened to…

RHCP, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads, The Doors,

What was your first vinyl, cassette purchase?

John Frusciante: To Record Only Water For Ten Days

Currently obsessed with…

Making new songs, studying, taking care of a new born baby.

Make three wishes!

Make other people happy, be a good musician and person as well, get a satisfaction.


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