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DIV I DED – Artist of the month

A post by Eastaste Eastaste on April 21, 2017

How did your band come to being?

DIV I DED is a shoegaze/dreampop band hailing from the Czech Republic. The band began making music in 2013 and released their debut, Born to Sleep, in 2014.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

Our music describes light and dark essence of the 90’s.

If you could decide to put your own track in any film ever made or yet to be made, what film/track would it be?

We offer all the tracks for any film to be made. I am not limited to genre, but I like watching Sci-fi, Comedy, Fairy-Tails or Action Movies. I think our music fits to every film genre.

Late Awakening by DIV I DED
Late AwakeningDIV I DEDCzech Republic3:50

What movie would you liked to have soundtracked and why?

I like the movies soundtracks as they are, but I can imagine DIV I DED music in any road movies, just like Interstate 60.
Or maybe in any mysterious movies or series just like Outer Limits or Black Mirror.

When you were 13 you listened to…

I had a lot of cassettes when I was 13. For example The Jesus And Mary Chain, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy or Oasis.

What was your first vinyl, cassette purchase?

My first vinyl purchase was Iggy Pop’s – Blah Blah Blah, but my first vinyl ever was Lonely Is an Eyesory – 4AD Compilation from 1987. My first cassette purchase was – Oasis – Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.

Make three wishes!

To have Transformation tour abroad.
Be happy and live healthy.
Live in peaceful place.

For more info and music check out DIV I DED’s Eastaste Profile!

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