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A post by Eastaste Eastaste on February 26, 2018

How did your band come to being?

​Back in 2013, my previous band Charlie Straight broke up and I was happy to find these guys to continue my musical journey.​ We’re all fans of Bombay Bicycle Club, The Killers, Phoenix or James Blake even though I tend to write more pop songs.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

​It’s like ​lying in the sun with deep thoughts listening to the sounds of the ocean knowing you’re on holiday and you never have to go back to work again.
Lake Malawi
We Are Making Love Again by Lake Malawi
We Are Making Love AgainLake MalawiCzech Republic3:33

If you could decide to put your own track in any film ever made or yet to be made, what film/track would it be?

I quite like Trainspotting and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but I watched iOrigins with my girlfriend

recently, so that’s the one I’d like to sneak into. Ideally, I’d be working on it with Sufjan Stevens and Lucy Rose in our mountain hut. I would definitely keep the Radiohead song in there – in the scene​ when he carries the little Indian girl downstairs​. You will know what I mean when you watch it…​

What movie would you liked to have soundtracked and why?

​I watch a lot of surf and snowboard videos, so I hope to have some tunes in some of these one day.

When you were 13 you listened to…

​Hanson, the long-haired boy band from Tulsa. And Sting and Phil Collins, I’m proud of them all.

What was your first vinyl, cassette purchase?

That might have been when I bought a ​Glasvegas vinyl to my ex-girlfriend at their gig. Got it signed by all the members. It’s white and beautiful, on the outside and on the inside. I actually tried to write all the songs myself just reading the names of the tracks on the album before actually listening. One of thesecovers made it into our live setlist. It’s called Young Blood.

Currently obsessed with… 

Cigarettes After Sex and with making the new Lake Malawi album.​ Not necessarily in that order.

Make three wishes!

​I wish to live an ideally happy life, be a healthy, loving and loved human being doing what I love for a living successfully in a peaceful world where everything makes perfect sense. Does that count as three?