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Music Licensing / Supervision

Need pre-cleared, fresh affordable songs?

Music licensing and supervision can be a form of art. To build character, underline emotions or help to tell a story with music you need a special vision, knowledge and access to music. We can offer all this together. We represent a catalogue of unique, original indie bands and producers that we handpick mainly from Eastern Europe. Browse our catalogue to find what you need, or just ask one of our music supervisors to help you with the search.

"Eastaste showreel 2016"

From juicy projects to micro deals, we got something for everyone. Check out our showreel!

Influencer Marketing

Branded content with the Youtube generation

Word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising. We take your favourite personalities (celebrities, vloggers), who have massive followings on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube and place your brand in their channel. This powerful, still growing tool makes your brand authentic, relatable, builds trust and creates virality at the same time. It yields to vast amount of data, that turns into valuable insights. We work with every main personality and vlogger in Hungary.

"Guess the song challenge"

We shot a music challenge video for the top vlogger team with the most famous music band in Hungary. The video went viral and leveraged the power of word-of-mouth through personalities that consumers already love and follow.

Music Branding

Brands & bands hand in hand

Great brands aim to deliver unique experience and so does music. When their goals are common, they can do magic together. We are thrilled by the opportunities in this media landscape. Our experience with both the music and commercial industries is proving to help them. We've been working with Coca-Cola since 2014. One of our favourite campaign was #sayitwithasong.

"Coca-Cola #sayitwithasong campaign"

We picked 25 famous lyrics from local bands and printed them on millions of cans which sold around the country. Fans and the bands loved it and their posts kept on going viral. Bands grew their fan base while coke increased it's sales. Win-win.


from creative concept to full execution

Our team has a background in film/video production. Having produced features, shorts and music videos, our love for the format hasn't evaporated. We've been producing the Balcony TV Budapest shows for over 2 years, and been involved in branded content production as well.

"Vodafone x Coca - Cola mobile data promotion"

Coca - Cola teamed up with Vodafone for the second time to launch a special mobile data promotion. Our concept was based on two current popstar - Tomi Fluor and David Marsalko - teasing eachother via messages with who's cooler.