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Szabi, a Budapest-based producer is our artist of the month

A post by Eastaste Eastaste on February 6, 2017


“Its all about positive energies and raising the vibes.” Read our short Q&A with Szabi!



How did your band come to being?

I always wanted to create a project that is personal and explores my own ideas. During the past ten or so years I had many drafts and demos circulating around in my head or in my laptop and I always saved them ‘for later’, but last year I forced myself into working out and release a handful of them by winning some government fund for the project. Deadline is always a good muse. I was working with a crew of local musicians and international MC’s, singers. Different combinations and textures on each song. Im saving the debut of the live version and ‘the band’ for next year, when the full album drops.


How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

I would set up a day-long event in a special location, probably in a garden, a hillside or on a seashore, but definitely surrounded by nature. Barbecue, fresh fruits, sunbath, coffee… good people spending some quality time together. For the end of the day I would re-arrange my tracks for a big percussion group with heavy bass and low end so you can actually physically feel the grooves and give a concert. I would incorporate dancers to do simple choreographies and lead the people through the set so everyone would experience it equally, together. Its all about positive energies and raising the vibes.


If you could decide to put your own track in any film ever made or yet to be made, what film/track would it be?

I would put an unreleased experimental afrobeat / jazz track in a yet to be released documentary about social segregation and corporate greed in the 21st century.

Elevate (nosample) by Szabi
Elevate (nosample)SzabiHungary3:11



What movie would you liked to have soundtracked and why?

Style Wars (1983). I would love to create a live but sampling heavy soundtrack for the documentary about one of my favorite subjects, the birth of Hip Hop.


When you were 13 you listened to…

Prince – The Rainbow Children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bITUBePGXBU

Erik Truffaz – Bending New Corners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KsuM7uddhw


What was your first vinyl, cassette purchase?

Quantic – Sweet Calling 12” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rplk0XyQO3w
Fort Know Five – The Big Score 12” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hgWGA9iahA

The one purchase I can recall was in a supermarket from a Hungarian band I barely even knew called ‘Rémemeber’. I never really listened to it, I don’t even remember the music. I guess I just liked the cover and it was cheap. I usually copied CD’s and recorded tunes from the radio to my tapes or simply got them from my family.


Currently obsessed with…

The inheritance of West African culture, religion and music in South America and the Caribbean.


Make three wishes!

More empathy, curiosity and openness in people

Less bullshit from the media

Changing the whole globes energy system to renewable sources and end our dependency on plastic.


For more info and music check out Szabi’s Eastaste Profile!

Photos by Mark Sztripszky