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“Like a black and white paint made by Oskar Kokoschka”, quick Q&A with Boris Carloff

Posted on May 13, 2016 by Eastaste Eastaste

Boris is an award winning producer, composer, engineer and musician from the Czech Republic, has a classical education in the violin and has played as a musician in Norway, UK, Germany and Italy. His musical style is best defined as jazz, guitar rock and electronic music. We caught up with him, to find out a little bit more. […]

Getting lost in a garden – quick Q&A with Gosia Penkalla from “Enchanted Hunters”

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Eastaste Eastaste

Enchanted Hunters is a polish trio led by Małgorzata Penkalla. On blueprint of dream-pop/folk, americana, lo-fi psychodelia they build their own micro-worlds. We exchanged a few words with Gosia about it: How did your band come to being? I started writing songs back in 2007/8, in 2009 I met Patryk and I fell in love with […]

The music of youth – short Q&A with Max Kislov from Russian indie pop band “Palms On Fire”

Posted on June 17, 2013 by Eastaste Eastaste

Palms On Fire started out from Russia as the duo of Max Kislov and Anna Kislova in 2009. Their fresh, youthful pop sound couldn’t stay unnoticed for long: shortly after the first demos they gained an international release, and worked with a series of collaborators since – lately Romain Guerret from the French band Aline. […]

Music licensing seen from Hollywood

Posted on May 16, 2013 by Eastaste Eastaste

“We formed Angry Mob out of a desire to fight for artists to be heard.” Interview with Marc Caruso, co-founder of the indie music publisher Angry Mob Angry Mob has music at its heart and soul. The LA based independent music publisher, with extensive experience in the field, provides sound and music to films and […]

Q&A with Mainekk

Posted on May 5, 2013 by Eastaste Eastaste

MaiNekk „MaiNekk” was formed in 2006 by guitarist Erki Pӓrnoja, now better known as a member of the most successful Estonian music export to date „Ewert and The Two Dragons”, Swedish musicians Daniel Ögren and Patrik Grundström, and Denmark born Ulrik Ording. All of them were studying music in Göteborg, Sweden, at the time.„Sometimes the […]

Mainekk, indie folk playing cuties

Posted on April 19, 2013 by Eastaste Eastaste

Mainekk, our indie folk playing cuties gave an astonishing performance, and a nice little interview as well at Tallinn Music Week. Read, see and hear more of them at our website (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

Interview with Laszlo Bederna, Head of TV at Saatchi & Saatchi London

Posted on November 28, 2012 by Eastaste Eastaste

What do you do as a TV Producer at a major ad agency in London? Saatchi is a worldwide full service multimedia Agency (we call it SiSoMo Agency – Sight, Sound and Movement!) so I do produce commercials, virals, websites, flashmobs, branded content, facebook pages etc whatever content our clients decide to create to communicate […]

Nexus Productions – behind the scenes of a worldclass animation studio

Posted on September 13, 2012 by Eastaste Eastaste

Nexus Productions is one of our favorite animation production  company based in London. With dozens of amazing directors and the best animators they’ve produced many award winning ads and are always on the forefront of latest digital developments. We spoke with Julia Parfitt, Head of Production about how they work and their relation to music. At which stage […]

Interview with Film/TV/Ad producer Jiří George Heršálek

Posted on August 7, 2012 by Eastaste Eastaste

Jiří George Heršálek partner and executive producer of Boogie Films, advertising and film production agency, Prague In what way do you work with music at Boogiefilms? Do you also choose suitable music yourself, or it’s mainly the client who determines the soundtrack? Well, first of all we produce TV commercials. There is always some kind […]

Composer Q&A: Stroon

Posted on August 3, 2012 by Eastaste Eastaste

1. Can you describe your journey to music-making? When I was about four I would often try to play guitar but my parents didn’t see any reason to allow me that. So when I was fourteen I started playing guitar, got involved in a few guitar-music bands and when I was about twenty I naturally switched to electronic […]