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“Our music is a metaphysical journey into the depths of ourselves…” Our artist of the month is a young Polish trio, Vökuro

Posted on August 11, 2016 by Eastaste Eastaste

A young trio from Warsaw playing dream pop combined with alternative rock, psychedelic, ethno and electronic music. Inspired by William Blake, James Joyce, Stanley Kubrick and their own twisted dreams. Read our short Q&A with Vökuro!     How did your band come to being? We met in college.   How would you describe your music to […]

From traditional electropop to psychedelic space pop – quick Q&A with the Klusters

Posted on April 1, 2016 by Eastaste Eastaste

We are excited to welcome aboard the Klusters, which is a Hungarian psychedelic spacepop band, formed by Barcsa Balázs and Juhász Huba Taksony in 2013. They work with a permanent singer, Kozaróczy Malla. Their favourite vintage gears gave inspiration to their debut album, which was released under “Olbers’ Paradox” label in 2015. They answered to […]