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The Erised – Artist of the month

A post by Eastaste Eastaste on March 13, 2017

How did your band come to being?

Daniel: I met Igor a couple of years ago in 2012 at a party in Kyiv where we played as DJs. Prior to that we knew each other only through Internet. Our history began in 2014. We had been working on a collaboration and came to an idea that we were in need of recording vocals for a certain track. And it wasn’t like anything we had done before.

Igor: That’s how I met Sonya. We had some friends in common who recommended her to me as a singer with astounding credentials.

Sasha: I met the guys through our friend, Roman Bulakhov. We were recording some video materials at that time, and I was really interested to meet them and create an awesome collaboration together.


How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

Sonya: Among the contemporary music genres, it would probably be alternative pop or future pop. I wouldn’t want to label any cliches on our music. We sincerely endeavour to create the exact material that we will genuinely like ourselves.


If you could decide to put your own track in any film ever made or yet to be made, what film/track would it be?

Igor: I think our track “Ghost” is perfect for “Social Network” movie, and “Pray” is the best tune for “50 Shades Darker”.

The Erised
Pray by The Erised
PrayThe ErisedUkraine3:20



What movie would you liked to have soundtracked and why?

Daniel: Me and Igor are big fans of Ridley Scott’s “Bladerunner”. So we are totally loved it. And hope someday our tune will be playing in “Bladerunner” pt.3. By the way i’m looking forward to watch the second chapter of this movie which will be released this year!


When you were 13 you listened to…

Igor: Rock

Sonya: Michael Jackson, George Michael

Sasha: Pink Floyd


What was your first vinyl, cassette purchase?

Sasha: Pink Floyd – Animals

Sonya: “Songs from the Last Century” by lovely George Michael


Currently obsessed with…

Daniel: Techno

Sonya: iPhone

Sasha: Fishing


Make three wishes!

To join “Coachella” fest

USA tour 2018

Spread our music to the whole world


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