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A post by Eastaste Eastaste on January 1, 2018

12. The Fruitcakes – 2


Psychedelic rock mixed with classic Rock’n’roll threw us back to the 60’s beat. Reminding us also to The Beatles’ psychedelic era. Throughout their experience the band released their debut 12 song of sentimental-and-personal-stories album at PIAS. It gave us a calm and relaxing feeling with their ear-pleasing background vocals pour through the speakers.




11. MÏUS – Lost Adam EP



„Lengyel, Magyar – két jó barát, együtt issza sörét, borát.”

English translate: Polish, Hungarians – two best friends, together they drink their beers and vines”This proverb reflects to these two nations common historical past and close relationship. Again a great example to confirm this legacy:

Lost Adam is a collaboration between Hungarian MÏUS and Polish singer Raf Skowronski (lead singer of Jóga). The melody of the song literally embraces you with its deeply sensual flow. Though it has a melancholic mood we didn’t find ourselves sad but even more uplifted. It’s just a perfect piece of songwriting wizardry on an EP overflowing with it.




10. Rake – Séance


Tallinn based newcomers got a radio friendly, experimental pop and soul influenced new music with not an average sound selection. Very refreshing, easy to listen, its playful nature is the most refreshing angle you can bring to modern soul music.



9. Beissoul & Einius – #Asecretcontract



The Beissoul & Einius duet is one of the most interesting contemporary electro soul projects in the Baltics. New album of 2017 is a blend of electro-pop and 80s disco. The album was stacked with pristine pop gems, and beloved by critics and fans. Hand-made mirrored clothes making their so called electrofashion shows more hip and stylish. Their gigs are just the coolest things in Lithuania nowadays.




8. Surfalone – Soul Machine EP

soul machine


Surfalone aka. László Papp one of the founders of NVC (Budapest based electronic music event organisors), also known as Sabotage (his dj name), a significant figure of the legendary Budapest night life. His debut EP Soul Machine consists of his first single of the same name and 5 remixes by well known producers like Throwing Snow or the Farbwechsel Label leader S.Olbricht. The single is an inner journey that sometimes lead to unexpected drum beats incorporating with techno and experimental. We’re really looking forward to the full LP which is coming out early next year. Until then you can find Surfalone every night at his own cult bar, named Központ.





7. Bulp – Yrsa



New album by two siblings is close to minimal electronic with a lot of synth. A little bit gloomy electronic beat creates a body of work that feels sensual and sexy. Yrsa is a well produced catchy album with a high level sounding, very accurately transmits its authentic and surreal vibe.




6. Shortparis – Пасха



St. Petersburg underground Shortparis released the second album Пасха (eng. Easter) consisting of nine songs with pulsating melodies and theatrical vocals that feels alien for the first time. The star of the show is undoubtedly Nicolay’s voice. The new album’s tense mood and sensual lyrics not giving a chance to relax for a minute. The band became famous for their unique live shows that give goosebumps to their audience.




5. Everything Is Made In China – Aqcuired Taste



Aqcuired Taste – is one of the best achievements of modern Eastern European scene for the reason that this particular electronic music is trying to bring us something completely new.

Very unusual drums, mood – shifting from electro – pop to a darker break bit. EIMIC is a creative unit that made their Introduction (Flow) to be one of the best hits of their new album.




4. Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Hips (EP)


Don’t be surprised that brunettes shoot blondes’ latest EP ended up on our list – we’ve been following their career since their success on Youtube in 2014. New EP consists of 5 songs with the absolute hit ‘Hips’ that has been released with the new aesthetically pleasing video, that is self-directed and self – produced. Their new release continues to serve us with the Ukranian pop’s finest tune.




3. Oligarkh – Vstan’ I Idi


Bell-shaped overflows and church choir singing under modern electro beats. New EP – Vstan’ I Idi is a mesmerizing mix of Instrumental Hip-hop and traditional Russian music.

Oligarkh, who once sang in the choir and dealt with spiritual songs, falls very accurately and on time with the rise of a new trend – the entire search of the mysterious Russian soul.




2. Golan – Intro


Golan is the most important live electronic band of Romania at the moment. After their fast success in the last couple of years guys are selling out the biggest venues all over the country such as the 5000 capacity Arenale Romane in Bucharest. Their minimal-techno influenced, symphonic music, with long instrumental elements and groovey drum sounds are supremely refreshing. Lead singer’s Mihai Ristea’s emotional vocals are blending to this clever electronica perfectly. Our honor to work with them from time to time.




1. Erki Parnoja – Efterglow


Full instrumental album of Erki Parnoja – lead guitarist of Estonian band Ewert and The Two Dragons, is definitely a masterpiece of 2017. With a mixture of western and cinematic music, calm and gradually building songs make the sound imposing and complex. With the elements of 80s psychodelic rock this music will virtually send you to America’s dusty highways.




Enjoy the good music and support all the ‘New kids from the Bloc’.

Written by Daniel Somlo and Suzanne Ranovich